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2CVs climb the hill at Collingrove

Collingrove Hill Climb track is situated approximately 7 km south of Angaston and has been in operation since the early 1950s. The track is 750 metres of challenging asphalt, climbing 70 metres between the start and finish lines. The course and facilities are owned and operated by the Sporting Car Club of SA who made us very welcome on the day. We had a wonderful viewing area from inside one of the club rooms over-looking the start line. Warm and comfortable with chairs, tables and a kitchen area. A big thank you to the Sporting Car Club of SA.

During the lunch break, we had an opportunity to run up the hill ......If you have ever wondered what it might be like to 'race' a 2CV up a steep and windy hill, here is the commentary from one of the "boy racers" ....

"Once the starter gave the all clear it was first gear all the way to the top of the first crest (little engines screaming for mercy). 2nd gear selected it was hold the pedal to the metal all the way to the top, if you were game. After the first left hand turn at the first crest it is a big sweeping banked turn to the right with a deceptive slight change of direction that saw a number of the racers come undone and end up being stuck without traction on the wet grass, requiring a tow back onto the track. No such issue arose for our sure footed marques! It was still 2nd gear around the sweeping right then a hard and uphill left turn followed by a steeper and sharper right and then left before the track begins to level off and straighten up for the finish. Rounding the last three corners I swear I either had my inside front wheel off the ground or only just holding some traction because the feeling through the steering wheel and the accelerator pedal was like nothing I have felt in my 2CV before. But, not once did it feel like it would roll nor run off the track sideways!"

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